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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Extra buttons...

Like an extra button on your shirt
you remember it when you need it
But it’s always there…

Extra coffee, when you are in the mood
May be some more spices added to your food
You only feel it when you need it,
But it’s always there……

It’s kind of frustrated
Feeling alienated
You had one special place in the heart
But someone has got to be hurt

Your fire started so strong
Then something simply went wrong
One cloud is approaching,
Full of black rain
One heart is crashing
The other is hardly in pain
No more sweet talks to flirt
Someone has got to be hurt

Like a precious book on your life's shelf
A book you have to pick it up yourself
And when you are kept in another story
Being the hero you greet your glory
You are fine with a button less shirt
You just don’t feel it when somebody s got hurt

People change
Just like everything
But the wounded bird can still sing
He can’t fly …………
Now that u set him free
He can’t even cry…………….
That his tears
you might not see……
Even if you try now to button the shirt…
Someone has already been hurt…..


Adam said...

The main double entendre is brilliant. Great symbolism as well. This poem stirs complicated feelings I can relate to. Thanks.

stairway to heaven said...

Thank you Adam..what more can a poet ask for..? :)

Anonymous said...

IDK :)

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