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Monday, April 5, 2010

Our first anniversary...

"The wine tonight is on the house
and we are playing your favorite Strauss"
a pale smile appeared on her face
nodding to the waiter
silence is a cheater
sinking in one more cup
her lying hopes are again up
may be he was kept in traffic
it cannot be this much tragic!
closed her eyes
on a stubborn thought
he simply forgot
Is it the time for a boycott?
damaged like a betrayed wife
she crashed some visions of her own life
her veins were inflamed
predicted excuses were already proclaimed
the hours kept grieving
as couples were leaving
she looked up to the empty dance floor
rolling her eyes to the slightly opened door
charged with defeat
she barely moved her feet
"we enjoyed your company"
she gave all her money
to the waiter for the bill
crawling back to her shell
grabbed her pride
stepped aside
shivering like a wet bird in a rainy day
pleading for no mercy
proceeded as guilty
The court is set
the waiter left
and turned off the light
dragging herself to the mourning night
she heard playing their favorite song
tears finally came along
as she identified his perfume
holding her from the back
"do you remember this track?"
million candles were lit
the drums in her heart hit
and when their eyes met
his hair was all wet
It was an arranged conspiracy!
the court was just a set
In his arms she threw her bet
"How can i forget?
our first lifetime anniversary!


Mansoor Zia said...

The fight with yourself for nothing is a guilt in itself.
Way to Go..Loved your Poem

Desert Rose said...

thaks true,but again who can convince the self ..?

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