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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Flying note...

"Dear passengers
kindly,fasten your seat belts"
she felt comfortable in her seat
enjoying the clouds retreat
a little girl was crying
the dream bird is flying
she saw him there on the other side
her heart raced in a permanent collide
he was reading a book
so serene was his look
she knew fate made it happen
in her book of life it was written
hostess served him some coffee
she melted in the raising steam
he smiled back enchanting her dream
few words she wrote
enlightened her tiny note
"if it was my fate to meet you
living you is my destiny "
she passed the note in an empty plate
shaking in a desperate wait
as he unfolded her heart in a paper
reading and smiling,he raised his head
looking in the space ahead
their eyes met
as she was bending a bit
pouring all her longing in a simple blink
drowning in his veins like a lustful drink
he raised his cup
she could barely stand up
spreading their hands in the flying lane
how could you be that close yet in vain?
"we would like you all to get back to your seats
as we reached our final destination"
holding his hand in magical persuasion
he lead her to sit closer to him
woven like a delicate shapeless trim
fastening her belt
all that pain she felt
as she glimpsed at his empty seat
and saw a folded tiny paper note.


Maha said...

It left me real sad. Nothing is worse than admitting your love to someone who does not love you back. i loved that you made the whole scene in an airplane, maybe to symbolize instability...? I especially loved that line
"pouring all her longing in a simple blink"
it's hard to imagine how all those violent emotions can be transferred in something as simple as a blink, but once you imagine it, you find it very powerful and touching how love can be so strong that it floats on the surface of your simplest actions

stairway to heaven said...

yes the airplane was a symbol of being stuck somewhere in a dream that is not happening yet lived,unstable and beating with life. it is so hard for her to admit her love and yet find it thrown in a folded paper noted on an empty seat.

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