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Sunday, April 4, 2010


I used to feel your presence
stronger then your essence
you used to be around
shinning with your absence
last time we met
I was laying in your arms restless
trying to be quietly loud
sticking closer
the space gets wider
your eyes were watching me and not
my arms were holding you and tying the knot
my irritated silence ate me
your words were losing me,yet not
"should i set her free..or keep her in..?
let her be..or enjoy this sin..?
keep on the show and flatter the man
let her go and lose one fan..?"
confessed the man in your head
words you never said were heard
I saw your hesitation in a glimpse of your eye
Ironic it is..your eyes can't lie
as i die
It suddenly felt that cold in there
more room for endless despair
your trembling breathe
now came to an ease
my mad scattered tears were everywhere
our flame did freeze
whipping your chest with my face
running on your skin in a feverish race
as much as it sounds strange
you change!
I see another familiar face
one that is relevant to the place
not easy to forget
yet hard to remember
if we have ever met
Now,i can smell your essence
announcing your presence
only when you are there
and yet feeling your absence when you are around.


Sumeet Pallav said...

"Now,i can smell your essence
announcing your presence
only when you are there
and yet feeling your absence when you are around............"
Abeer i dnt knw from whr do u get so much of strength to express the pain...pain of a common girl..but the CLARITY of thought u hav is applaudable....i can comprehend the pain.......

Anonymous said...

Dear Writer

This one stabbed me..
Accomplished what it was meant for

Puts me in my place, & as well as tranquility……….

In a strange manner I do feel at ease..

Some time a lesser “sin” is vital to shun a larger wrongdoing .

if you know , what I mean.....


stairway to heaven said...

thank you strength is born out pain womb so it stabs harder. means a lot your comment..:)

stairway to heaven said...

Dear Anonymous..
I don't know what you mean..but i know hearts beat in an impulsive way,randomly they don't take permissions for rights or wrongs.
if my words stabbed you ,forgive me.
may be words can be the pain and the heal someday.

LarvK said...

I love this poem as i told you earlier the yearning from within you for him made me tear up because i understand all too well the desire to know he feels everything we feel...

Sometimes his distance in mind and heart so it seems hurts us more than it does us good but i believe it's not by choice and he has undone some of that wrong doing by committing "a lesser sin"...not seeing by the eyes isn't believing feel deeply and you will feel his peace and love...was never afar...

I now feel his tranquility and in a strange manner...we both are where we belong with him!


stairway to heaven said...

the hardest thing in love is to feel the absence more in the presence..and when so close you just feel more distant,when hearts beat in one..all that is left is life,when they feel so much nothing can split them apart not even the million miles of rights and wrongs.

Anonymous said...

Commented as felt myself in between words, rightly or wrongly, most likely wrongly. May be I was flattering the “man”.
Really pleased that I don’t see my self in there any more.
Happy to see a happy poet from now on.

Big hug to Winnie the pooh

Ps: LarvK – I am no SRK, just a regular chap, although I do look up to him. I am content in my space.

Do have a big test coming, will be in high spirits if you can say little prayer.


stairway to heaven said...

I am saying little prayer for you anonymous and for your test.You and larvy have to know that a poet is a free spirit one who roam wherever his heart beats.I am simply painting emotions with my words,when they are that heartfelt they sometimes hit certain strings in every one who reads them.i can see myself as any of my heroines ,like any of my readers do. the man is flattered in any case..:)
winnie the pooh is alive.

wish you all the best in your coming exam. you will be in my prayers.

LarvK said...

Dear Anonymous

Will say a little prayer for you and hope it helps. And i didn't say you are SRK but if you read my responses...I do refer to him a lot considering he's more than an inspiration and more than a friend. Also it's funny...but only he can read me like a book. And yes i also do look up to him in more ways than i can express here.

It's great to share thoughts with you here and thank you ~:)


Anonymous said...

I had to come back for this ladies: (couldn't resist)

flavour of the day seems to be requesting "a little prayer", even the man of your dreams requested it.

if only everyone thought nice things about each other & said a little prayer for each other, world would be a wonderful place.

CHEERS / adios

LarvK said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
stairway to heaven said...

dear Anonymous..
I agree with you,we all need little prayers from each other that would definitely make our world a much better place.
so we are here for each other that is the least we can do to be worth called humans. much lately this term was abused.
God bless you too.
study hard you shall meet your dreams with hard work and fast cars ...:)

stairway to heaven said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarvK said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you again...why does it feel like am in heaven today? I will thank God that he made it possible. When we request prayers and they’re answered then we never lose faith.

I respect and immensely adore the man of both our dreams for who he is...Now if only everyone was like that, the world would indeed be such a wonderful place. I also have to agree with you that if we cared about each other and prayed for each other...we would never feel any pain or loss.

So much more I would like to say but will not be able to on here so will move on to my sanctuary where I can hide, laugh, cry and scream and no one will know except those who are welcome they reside in my heart ~:)

Again i will pray for you and everyone else who needs it and all will be well am sure of it!


stairway to heaven said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stairway to heaven said...

Dear larvy..
so happy for you are feeling in heaven today..that feeling is a blessing we have to thank God for it.
I do agree with you as the man who inspired all of us to be more positive and loving to our lives is one phenomenal that can only be look up to.We do respect him and we always wish him the best .
now you are lucky with your sanctuary dear,may be one day i can be lucky and share with you more laughter there..:)
thank you for loving my means a lot to me.
God bless you

stairway to heaven said...

I hope i am always invited to your sanctuary dear is where purified souls reside..:)

LarvK said...

Yes sweetheart...You and the man of our dreams are welcome in my sanctuary any day. It's where my soul, heart and mind meet...You both already reside in there ~:)

God bless you both~

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