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Sunday, April 11, 2010

In my defense...

It only took one smile
to stop the world for a while
one glimpse of your eyes
to turn back all the whys
one more word to say
to make my heart sway
one more touch of your soul
to release my captured call
one more kiss
that one i miss
one more hug
like the addictive drug
stronger arms
and wilder ties
freezing warms
melting lies
one more late dinner for two
one more last hour dance
no more awaited chance
one more guilty you
for me
one more innocent me
Only for you
It is all suddenly quiet
what has ended the night..?
It used to only take a while
when i usually saw that one smile
so many whys are crawling in
closing my eyes,breathing within
covered by tears
dressed in fears
getting ready for the ball
wearing your one colored nothing at all
naked in my heart
veiled in your mind
the fight sweetly ended
I can't be your convicted
now it takes only one smile from me
and one glimpse of your eyes to be
My one and only overruled defense.


Mansoor Zia said...


Anonymous said...

Nice poem, are you defending your feelings or the other person's? ;P
@Gauravg76 from twitter

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