Always on My Mind you baby...

Saturday, April 24, 2010


They ask me about you
wondering about your silence
you taught me patience is a virtue
that i cherish more in your absence
you come and read
as i tie my breed
riding the mad horse of time
whispering our dearest rhyme
that beats out of my exhausted heart
and i restart
may be i will see a flashing sign
may be i missed a sweet old line
i count more stars
call your name behind my bars
cover myself in satin defeat
holding my runaway troupes of anger in a sudden retreat
i rearrange my thoughts
calming down these restless tears
i know you are just as close
somehow i feel your fears
nothing lasts forever
at this thought i shiver
as i held your face on my pillow
in a temporary act of belonging to your permanent existence.


LarvK said...

Indeed patience is a virtue...No more restless tears he's there to stay permanently and keep the faith, the love and hope...:))
So sweet Abeer xx

prince of silence said...

like yr post :)

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