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Friday, April 16, 2010

Spinning the bottle...

She held her cup
when the music speed up
the beats slapped her silence
like a dramatic introduction
she tried to hide in the reddish eyes
running through the tiered sighs
the laughs were loud
too heavy she felt her cloud
tiny steps on a long road
a tank of bullets on an instant reload
swinging bottles
on the sandy circle
unsolved riddles
hanging in some answers
they burned a tire
setting the night fire
drinking their fears
faking some pears
to shoot the truth
with lying spears
she couldn't relate
to the on going debate
the beating within her chest
dragged her warmest smile
may be he feels it
as strong as she does
when it was his turn to answer
throwing her this longing whisper
shining in her moonless night
his eyes embraced her rising twilight
one more swing of the roaming bottle
crashed her doubts,solving that riddle
she smashed that cup
when he suddenly stood up
walking to his faraway tent
he simply left
his message was sent
all her candles were lit
when the drums hit
playing one special request
the daring bottle was dancing to the rhythm in a round
when it was her turn to solve one more riddle of pride.


LarvK said...

He's a man but pride he lacks..however he understands you. About the debate that you understand not is just a way of fulfilling a public wish. He saw.. he felt.. he's with us all ~

stairway to heaven said...

i know larvy,,i love reading your comments! it means a lot to me..:))

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