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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lazy Sunday...

That morning was gentle
beginnings are usually subtle
one more lazy Sunday
another life is one day away
I opened the window
saw one shining rainbow
filled my lungs with air
fixing my eyes in a long stare
to the green miles ahead
where is that slice of bread?
I turned on the toaster
tuned in that roller-coaster
I forgot how to breathe the ordinary
and still feel that special
I replaced my natural scenery
with a fake mysterious virtual
detached from my reality
sailing in sinking boats
overwhelmed with this duality
I was eventually cuddling my thoughts
when i heard the whistling kettle
disturbing my world of fiction
riding without a saddle
in this fairytale addiction
I held my cup
the sun is now up
people still rush in the streets
cars pass by,life still beats
I wanted to get in another skin
drawing more faces
running other races
be a Juliette and a Cleopatra
roll in a Tango and in a Salsa
be a stranger to my own self
one that i don't really need to know
I untied my hair
picked an outfit to wear
turning on the radio
inspecting the daily newspaper
marking the ads looking for an ambitious actress
for performing a live audition.

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