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Friday, April 23, 2010

In our sanctuary...

In my sanctuary
i built you a chapel
when i was your Eve
and you were my daring apple
with my beads of trust
i made you a necklace of lust
and i burn some incense
purifying your absence
i carved your name on my wall
dug for all my fears a hole
bathed in your scent
i want to be your own descent
and signed my name with a longing whisper
be your most comforting shelter
your fall is my shining spring
when you touch me and do your thing
revived with your rain
not even my pain
can break this tie
is your silence
is one question of resistance
you are the everlasting of time
the innocent,convicted with this crime
the one
who is rising my sun
as i reside in your moon
sparkling like a calling moan
so i rush to hide
in our sanctuary of pride
where i take off all my faces
win all your awarded races
expecting nothing as a prize
not even a surprise
only a recited prayer in our chapel
brings my soul to an eternal settle
for you i shall convert
like an atheist who has just followed a new religion.


tofyta said...

beero It's a very expressive poem and carrying lots of wonderfull meanings .. u amazing keep it up dear ..

Sarai said...

Wow, I love this

LarvK said...

Ooh our sanctuary..I have carved his name in my heart..The lust only he knows...the cravings just his...And when he touches his fingers are heaven on earth on our skin..Rain on me i beg him each night and finally he rests his face on my bossom...
Abeer darling...It went right through me i tell you~ :))

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