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Monday, April 12, 2010

The sacred echo..

His face was stuck to this glass room
watching all the numbers flashing with the beats
the peaceful body held by the sheets
breathing is steady
the heart is still heavy
silence is cut
with wide eyes shut
wiping these stubborn tears
he knows how much he is dear
sunk in his ebb and tide
a tiny step passed by his side
she was wearing white
her face was a spot of light
she stuck her face to the glass
"I know this too will pass"
she was smiling with powerful guts
hope and belief killed all her doubts
he glanced at her eyes
trying to shoot away these cries
inspiring his power from hers
she returned his call
embracing his shattered soul
held his hand with faith
breathing her prayer to his face
he enchanted the invading light
held her hand tight
fate was all around
as crazy as it may sound
only in our hearts we keep the truth
if we believe enough we are to chose
two faces stuck at the glass
two hands stuck with each other
one strong heart beating in two
the laying body moved all of a sudden
their prayers were recited in heaven
angels held him up
as the flashing numbers were acting up
the doctors rushed in
revived from within
she was still blooming in her light
"I know he will fight"
she held his hands as tight
when they finally came out
having a miracle to talk about
she led him into the glass room
as their beloved one finally just opened his eyes to life.


Mansoor Zia said...

The poem of love and faith...lose yourself to gain all.

LarvK said...

Dear Abeer,

What a miracle! He has realized how special he is to them and he's embracing it. She no longer has doubts because he is the belief and the other by his side, the hope. He fights to survive as he feels their love nudging him to to live within their their hearts. He finally echoes back beyond the glass and the angels above bear witness. Am very touched by this poem...our Knight shines again as the two hearts beat together in one big one..he has found his comfort zone within their palms~


stairway to heaven said...

thanks mansoor..your reading means a lot to me..:) so true!

stairway to heaven said...

The thing is larvy, that when you care for someone,and u see him in makes you react,but when he is laying there helpless on a just pray for him n try to inspire your strength from all the people who love him around u .
i feel his pain for his friend,i was there someday..i understand it,God bless all..:)

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