Always on My Mind you baby...

Friday, April 2, 2010


Dressed in white linen
enslaved to your prison
of luxury
breads of her wig
are longing nights to dig
in exotic mystery
the touch of her skin
shakes you within
as your own treasury
she is near and far
a ring in your thumb
the beat of your drum
entitles her misery
the sweetness of her lips
embraces your bitterness
in full harmony
she plays on your harp
charming and sharp
is her devoted melody
her eyes dare your spears
when she puts you on and stares
to her triumphant destiny
there on your side
is where she always hide
her trembling extacy
being her pharaoh you can command
but in your heart she is your demand
enchained in her liberty
on her lips you pour more wine
in your lust she is your crown
dipped in her royalty
you crave for her blink
within her arms you sink
drifted by her gravity
the king of the world
releasing his sword
at the gates of her insanity
she bends to touch your feet
when you are burnt within her heat
you admit one reality
no rules are to be made for war
and in between her arms
all your kingdoms submit
begging,for her merciful slavery.


sumeet pallav said...

abeer...wat to say....simply amazing....kudos to u

stairway to heaven said...

thanks means a lot to me..:)

Animall said...

I think your mind waves, if mapped on an n-dimensional graph, shall represent a complicated elliptic equation. I read the poem and closed my mind and found a beautiful chaos within my mind, etched by your words.... Beautiful.

stairway to heaven said...

a "beautiful chaos" is very attractive..thank you,i kinda lean to that feeling you had reading my poem..:)

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