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Friday, April 9, 2010

New waves...

Standing by the sea
Waves are all over me
No more turning over
No more ecstasy
for how much i need you

Sinking in the wet sand
the loud silent is a thunder band
playing in my head
dancing within my soul
roaming all over the thread
destroying it all
like an old Rock and Roll
and the feeling gets classic
cool and dramatic
Grasping this runaway beat
Trying to feel the missing heat
Yet,its burning cold
Nothing much to be told
except that i want you

The savage wind is embracing my fading flame
It is not so different yet it is never lame
Never the same
when that strong i feel you

Expecting your nothing is my way to heal
revealing my everything is way too real
Taking it all in too deep
No more room for you to keep
I pray as i hold you

As empty as it felt
i was heated to melt
your Tide is taking over
My solo lead is now sober
The wet sand is drying
All my Silent cries are dying
Standing in cold feet
held by one runaway beat
The Sea has finally turned over
Only when the lonely wave crawled as flat.


LarvK said...

Dear Love,

The wanting is a never ending feeling so brace yourself as it's not going to be over anytime soon!

stairway to heaven said... matter how hard we try to stop wanting,there are some desires that are meant to hunt us ..:)

Mansoor Zia said...

The most passionate poem of yours!
Of course that's true, we never stop wanting, do we? But anything is possible at will. At least you can change the priorities or just put somethings back in unconscious mind, wish heart had that part too.

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