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Monday, April 19, 2010

Draft expectations...

What should i expect?
when it comes to this lonesome soul
how can i rise after the fall?
can i object?
or should i just accept?
what has been given
as a path to which i am driven
it is a one time chance
for the lifetime dance
swings of tango
with organized steps
1,2,3 and in depth
the confusion of picking a dress
this unfair game of chess
too much colors
more printing errors
why do i write in your draft?
expecting it to last?
when i know it is just the original stuff
that shines even when carved in rough
but i write
for you in me i fight
this power i feel
when you hold me tight
i see the light
charging my turning wheel
you bring home that runaway scrap
you fill that gap
between me and myself
as i have a case to win
one more unforgiven sin
proven to be forever guilty
living you became my penalty
expected as your mystical sign
accepted as another logical line
in your judgment court of Justice.


tofyta said...

(( for you in me i fight
this power i feel
when you hold me tight
i see the light
charging my turning wheel.. ))


stairway to heaven said...

thank you so much tofy..u are TOO SWEET ha! these lines touch my heart TOO..:)

LarvK said...

You were never lonely she has always been there..he's always been there. This kind of queen..white king. Both queens have to keep moving towards the king who is neither black nor white because he's both. None of the queens can play without the other. So erase the gap, the sins. You're guilty only if you divide them and that is a penalty you can not live with. Three in one is checkmate!!

stairway to heaven said...

true..the human nature is unpredictable,it hurts n is all in forgiveness,we can be cruel the most to the ones we love & are sure they love us,cos in a way we do believe they are able to forgive.
the king will always have his two queens,it is their destiny and his fate.

Mansoor Zia said...

The flowing emotions in your words are draining...Awesome!

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