Always on My Mind you baby...

Monday, April 26, 2010


I fixed my hair the way i like it
put on the dress you didn't like me to wear
took off that serene face
cuddling myself in a short trip suitcase
after a two hours drive
I finally made it to feeling alive
banging my head on a Rock n roll classics
nothing else matters as i recited the lyrics
heading bare feet to our deserted beach
the waves are still ragging
covering my soul with a daring bleach
sun rays were staring
to my washed up complexion
perhaps wondering about this sudden redemption
and i kept stepping in the water
in a desperate attempt of getting sober
of your eternal hangover
warmth of your distance
recreated my existance
hating what you made me look like
loving myself feeling your intimate strike
if i can only hold you in me
like you always do when i sink in my sea
how could it be?
that even when i close my eyes
nothing but your vision is there to see
the water reached my neck
as i looked back in a final check
was that your shadow?
waving from afar
your bitter sweet words i wanted to swallow
salted drops tasted as mellow
healing this bleeding scar
I saw my star
reaching out to my hand
I just need to understand
or may be not
I know i beat in your heart
even when we are apart
i run in your veins
reviving your desert with my lustful rain
come beat the pain
redeem your kingdom
only you can restart my system
and bring me back to you in a reincarnating Resurrection.


tofyta said...

((I know i beat in your heart
even when we are apart...))
what a lovely poem !!

stairway to heaven said...

thank you ya tofyta ya gamila..i know you feel me right..:)

LarvK said...

Simple...Only he can restart our systems when we're hangover like a jolt of lightening and we're back to our old selves energizing my dearest queen...

stairway to heaven said...

yes my dear..that simple it is..SOMETIMES one smile can rise the world after a long hangover..:)

Anonymous said...

then keep smiling dear...
u r not alone

stairway to heaven said...

yes dear Anonymous,
i m never alone..he is always there for me within me only him is my everlasting company,therefore all my smiles shine before his..:)

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