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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Catering services...

Adding bits of your aroma
sweetening my recipe
with the taste of your kiss
what did i miss?
is it your laugh?
or your ornamented autograph
tattooed on my left part
as a secret spell to my heart
should i add more of my sparkle?
when you touch my eyes with a whisper
may be i can stir your power
conquering me with just one flower
that i keep in my cooking book
how can i forget that look?
melting in the whipping cream
inviting your rising steam
pouring the syrup of my passion
into your bowl is an intimate mission
turning around on my toes
with your face staring at me
when my mad wind blows
only your squeezing arms save me
it is your favorite
decorating the cake
all my senses shake
I adjusted the oven timer
all i have is one more hour
for getting ready
and they are late already
bringing your bride
I will swallow my pride
and only sign a congratulations card
should not be so hard
as i am definitely certain,
that you will enjoy my wedding cake.


Maha said...

It was absolutely beautiful. But this time, I just really wanted you to change the ending to a more hopeful one. You see, the poem in the beginning was so sweet and indicating a mutual love, so when you mentioned at the end that she was cooking his wedding cake, that got me disappointed. Disappointed is not the right word, I just really didn't see that coming. but that doesn't mean I didn't thoroughly enjoy it :)

stairway to heaven said...

I was going through it all during writing as a sweet love melody,then the idea just hit me in the ending lines..made more space for this selfless love that can still exist even with killed hopes of meeting,even tho life never seize to surprise us,may be they can be together after eating her cake..:)
i can only admire your sense Maha,as i was originally writing it in that way..but will consider your thought..:)

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