Always on My Mind you baby...

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Desert rose...

All the roads lead to you
words dance on your tunes
as my feet sink in your desert dunes
but i keep walking
held by the windy silence
cuddled by your twinkling absence
dried leaves fly in my chase
revolted sand keep touching my face
as i keep shaking
silver stars guide my steps
the shy moonlight beats in my ribs
In depth
my heart drips
like a broken bottle of red wine
I pour my scent in a darkened line
like fresh blood
my storm
is like a ragging flood
in you i sink
trapped in a blink
lost in your fearless why
released with a helpless sigh
i held the sand in my fist
letting it slip
what scene should i skip?
your thunderous departure?
or is it my lightening rapture
when i saw your shadow coming back
through my desert in a victorious attack
i recollected my fragmented heart
ran to your arms in a fresh new start
but i ended up holding my arms tight
it was only your fading light
even the sand now felt as cold
the desert night seemed as bold
how could i forget
that in the desert all you get
are some longing whispers and a shadow of your own inspiration.

Monday, April 26, 2010


I fixed my hair the way i like it
put on the dress you didn't like me to wear
took off that serene face
cuddling myself in a short trip suitcase
after a two hours drive
I finally made it to feeling alive
banging my head on a Rock n roll classics
nothing else matters as i recited the lyrics
heading bare feet to our deserted beach
the waves are still ragging
covering my soul with a daring bleach
sun rays were staring
to my washed up complexion
perhaps wondering about this sudden redemption
and i kept stepping in the water
in a desperate attempt of getting sober
of your eternal hangover
warmth of your distance
recreated my existance
hating what you made me look like
loving myself feeling your intimate strike
if i can only hold you in me
like you always do when i sink in my sea
how could it be?
that even when i close my eyes
nothing but your vision is there to see
the water reached my neck
as i looked back in a final check
was that your shadow?
waving from afar
your bitter sweet words i wanted to swallow
salted drops tasted as mellow
healing this bleeding scar
I saw my star
reaching out to my hand
I just need to understand
or may be not
I know i beat in your heart
even when we are apart
i run in your veins
reviving your desert with my lustful rain
come beat the pain
redeem your kingdom
only you can restart my system
and bring me back to you in a reincarnating Resurrection.

waiting list

What a long list
names strike me like a hardened fist
cheering quotes
forbidden emotions
drowning boats
fighting your mightiest cautions
too many letters mixed with hopes
much more wishes tied with satin ropes
smiles dipped in longing moans
an inundated screen with laughter loans
anxious anticipations
waiting for survival
a hell of expectations
living the illusionist rival
all ready to press this confusion button
watching your million faces
living you in their own places
you are their all and nothing
you give them what you can't have
always missing the core of the graph
you may see your beast in their eyes
may be you already created a monster
one that can hear your whining whisper
nobody knows when your heart dies
the loner is attracted to the wireless magnet
in the field of emotions there is no budget
as i watch the lines jumping in despair
the feelings are naked only your name they wear
and i stare
i can still see your mask of the day
stronger it becomes,when you are away
the more you hide
you simply collide
who will make it top of this quest?
where am i on your madness list..?
why do i care
if you noticed me smiling and touching my hair
looking at you
in fulfilling view
i can be somewhere around your fingers to press
only if you dare to confess
how much you get scared watching this instantly growing waiting list.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Extra buttons...

Like an extra button on your shirt
you remember it when you need it
But it’s always there…

Extra coffee, when you are in the mood
May be some more spices added to your food
You only feel it when you need it,
But it’s always there……

It’s kind of frustrated
Feeling alienated
You had one special place in the heart
But someone has got to be hurt

Your fire started so strong
Then something simply went wrong
One cloud is approaching,
Full of black rain
One heart is crashing
The other is hardly in pain
No more sweet talks to flirt
Someone has got to be hurt

Like a precious book on your life's shelf
A book you have to pick it up yourself
And when you are kept in another story
Being the hero you greet your glory
You are fine with a button less shirt
You just don’t feel it when somebody s got hurt

People change
Just like everything
But the wounded bird can still sing
He can’t fly …………
Now that u set him free
He can’t even cry…………….
That his tears
you might not see……
Even if you try now to button the shirt…
Someone has already been hurt…..


They ask me about you
wondering about your silence
you taught me patience is a virtue
that i cherish more in your absence
you come and read
as i tie my breed
riding the mad horse of time
whispering our dearest rhyme
that beats out of my exhausted heart
and i restart
may be i will see a flashing sign
may be i missed a sweet old line
i count more stars
call your name behind my bars
cover myself in satin defeat
holding my runaway troupes of anger in a sudden retreat
i rearrange my thoughts
calming down these restless tears
i know you are just as close
somehow i feel your fears
nothing lasts forever
at this thought i shiver
as i held your face on my pillow
in a temporary act of belonging to your permanent existence.

Friday, April 23, 2010

In our sanctuary...

In my sanctuary
i built you a chapel
when i was your Eve
and you were my daring apple
with my beads of trust
i made you a necklace of lust
and i burn some incense
purifying your absence
i carved your name on my wall
dug for all my fears a hole
bathed in your scent
i want to be your own descent
and signed my name with a longing whisper
be your most comforting shelter
your fall is my shining spring
when you touch me and do your thing
revived with your rain
not even my pain
can break this tie
is your silence
is one question of resistance
you are the everlasting of time
the innocent,convicted with this crime
the one
who is rising my sun
as i reside in your moon
sparkling like a calling moan
so i rush to hide
in our sanctuary of pride
where i take off all my faces
win all your awarded races
expecting nothing as a prize
not even a surprise
only a recited prayer in our chapel
brings my soul to an eternal settle
for you i shall convert
like an atheist who has just followed a new religion.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


are sharper swords
they cut and injure
shout and whisper
they heal and wound
with a break they bound
they make the time still
yet they turn you around
they make you laugh
or even cry
leave you always to wonder why
bullets of raw pain
floods of savage rain
thrown away burdens
promises in vain
they fly you high
and let you die
million times alive
they hold you by
then watch you dry
swept by a reply
like a cold bladed knife
as sharp as they can get
they are wrapped in a silky set
poisoned and curing
for the most enduring
listening to them shout
leaning to their whispers
arranged letters in million tongues
few are cowards and some are risky stunts.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Draft expectations...

What should i expect?
when it comes to this lonesome soul
how can i rise after the fall?
can i object?
or should i just accept?
what has been given
as a path to which i am driven
it is a one time chance
for the lifetime dance
swings of tango
with organized steps
1,2,3 and in depth
the confusion of picking a dress
this unfair game of chess
too much colors
more printing errors
why do i write in your draft?
expecting it to last?
when i know it is just the original stuff
that shines even when carved in rough
but i write
for you in me i fight
this power i feel
when you hold me tight
i see the light
charging my turning wheel
you bring home that runaway scrap
you fill that gap
between me and myself
as i have a case to win
one more unforgiven sin
proven to be forever guilty
living you became my penalty
expected as your mystical sign
accepted as another logical line
in your judgment court of Justice.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Surprise party...

She painted the place in colors
wrapping the gifts with golden ribbons
jailing her restless untamed worries
no more time for belated sorries
sparkling decoration
like stars in adoration
setting the music ready
for a sudden automatic play
how long she awaited for that day
arranging the fireworks
releasing these varnished forks
blowing off the balloons
silver initials on a set of spoons
tender napkins
ignored burdens
she made sure everything is in order
touched her dress with a daring whisper
his scent embraced her face
as she took out his Armani suit
she picked up the phone in a princess sway
making sure all their friends are on their way
time clock ticks
throwing all her bits
glowing like a queen of the night
waiting for the victorious knight
she turned off the light for the moon
he should be coming very soon
and when the key turned in the door
her feet hardly touched that floor
he wasn't alone for his surprise birthday
she heard few words before she passed away
"it was nothing serious,she is just a friend!"

Saturday, April 17, 2010


In your arms i lay
like a helpless beat i sway
invited to your silence
grooving in your burning breathe
trained to our mess
I confess
drowning in your eyes
seeking my rescue in one kiss
enchained in my madness
I skipped my world to step in yours
open your doors
for one more refugee
within your laughter
I found my shelter
In between your lips
I redefine as your whisper
lost in your grips
soft like a summer breeze
that caresses my skin
heated to freeze
your loosened demons within
my aching desire
eats your pain
bursting my fire
I crave for your rain
you hold my head
to calm these thoughts
only few words you read
may be some wise men quotes
but in my lifetime edition
simply your name flashes as my entitled headline.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spinning the bottle...

She held her cup
when the music speed up
the beats slapped her silence
like a dramatic introduction
she tried to hide in the reddish eyes
running through the tiered sighs
the laughs were loud
too heavy she felt her cloud
tiny steps on a long road
a tank of bullets on an instant reload
swinging bottles
on the sandy circle
unsolved riddles
hanging in some answers
they burned a tire
setting the night fire
drinking their fears
faking some pears
to shoot the truth
with lying spears
she couldn't relate
to the on going debate
the beating within her chest
dragged her warmest smile
may be he feels it
as strong as she does
when it was his turn to answer
throwing her this longing whisper
shining in her moonless night
his eyes embraced her rising twilight
one more swing of the roaming bottle
crashed her doubts,solving that riddle
she smashed that cup
when he suddenly stood up
walking to his faraway tent
he simply left
his message was sent
all her candles were lit
when the drums hit
playing one special request
the daring bottle was dancing to the rhythm in a round
when it was her turn to solve one more riddle of pride.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Right or Wrong?

There is a state of life
when you have to make up your mind
to frieze your heart
and steel your soul
to break your chains
and give your all

when you are torn between the right and the wrong
when you are inspired only by one very old song
it feels right..yet very wrong..!

your silent screams can drive you mad
your screaming silence leaves you sad
yourself and you just cant get along
why does it always feel so wrong?

when you are trapped in the circle of fears
and you keep calling but nobody hears
lost voices in the world of deaf
too bright colors in the land of the blind
you feel so weak,yet you act that strong
and still,something feels wrong

It is when you see your chance and close your eyes
and when you know the truth,but you only tell lies
you think you have the will
to hurt,and even kill
but there you are..standing still
losing where you once used to belong
listening to the very dear old song
and as wrong as it should be
It just the only right-wrong.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The last straw...

Kill it if you can
burn it into ashes
fight it like a man
just destroy the temple
erase these memories
how are they fed ?
you did once said
sweet tastes bitter
defeat is for the better
the brave warrior is just inspired
standing still,even when tiered
one more sign
on the front line
fear is fearing his guts
fighting his own whys and buts
the killing tool is ready
waiting for the sign
one more bullet to go
one more last straw
shooting away the star
leaving an eternal scar
it is not dead
alive in the head
shots revive it
so if you really want to kill it
live it
and it will destroy the temple
without the guts of the warrior
and the tears of the admirer
smashing all your regrets like a savage hurricane.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The sacred echo..

His face was stuck to this glass room
watching all the numbers flashing with the beats
the peaceful body held by the sheets
breathing is steady
the heart is still heavy
silence is cut
with wide eyes shut
wiping these stubborn tears
he knows how much he is dear
sunk in his ebb and tide
a tiny step passed by his side
she was wearing white
her face was a spot of light
she stuck her face to the glass
"I know this too will pass"
she was smiling with powerful guts
hope and belief killed all her doubts
he glanced at her eyes
trying to shoot away these cries
inspiring his power from hers
she returned his call
embracing his shattered soul
held his hand with faith
breathing her prayer to his face
he enchanted the invading light
held her hand tight
fate was all around
as crazy as it may sound
only in our hearts we keep the truth
if we believe enough we are to chose
two faces stuck at the glass
two hands stuck with each other
one strong heart beating in two
the laying body moved all of a sudden
their prayers were recited in heaven
angels held him up
as the flashing numbers were acting up
the doctors rushed in
revived from within
she was still blooming in her light
"I know he will fight"
she held his hands as tight
when they finally came out
having a miracle to talk about
she led him into the glass room
as their beloved one finally just opened his eyes to life.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

In my defense...

It only took one smile
to stop the world for a while
one glimpse of your eyes
to turn back all the whys
one more word to say
to make my heart sway
one more touch of your soul
to release my captured call
one more kiss
that one i miss
one more hug
like the addictive drug
stronger arms
and wilder ties
freezing warms
melting lies
one more late dinner for two
one more last hour dance
no more awaited chance
one more guilty you
for me
one more innocent me
Only for you
It is all suddenly quiet
what has ended the night..?
It used to only take a while
when i usually saw that one smile
so many whys are crawling in
closing my eyes,breathing within
covered by tears
dressed in fears
getting ready for the ball
wearing your one colored nothing at all
naked in my heart
veiled in your mind
the fight sweetly ended
I can't be your convicted
now it takes only one smile from me
and one glimpse of your eyes to be
My one and only overruled defense.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

With My Puppets...

You know it when it happens
It strikes with a sharpened arrow
as i tightly hug my pillow
I rewind that short filmstrip
totally identified in the faraway trip
to some innocent laughs
symbolic nonsense graphs
dance in the restless mind arena
like a spell that is meant to be a dilemma
and i look up to my teddy
do you miss him already?
even the thoughts rebel
when i fake this strength hell
"there is nothing to tell"
as i reply to my doll Anabelle
she crossed her hands
raising her eyebrows
"I feel you,it shows!"
I try to hide in my butterflies gown
head is so up when the heart is melting down
and when winnie came in to join
I was throwing my nickle coin
he cuddled my cheeks
tenderly speaks
"set your spirit free
it was just meant to be
let his tunes play in your heart
be his all times hitting chart
rest in his arms when he has nothing to give
break in his silence when he screams to forgive
let it live
for you are not a killer
he will always be the everlasting dweller
his absence on your sheets
is reviving in your beats
you do not have to explain
this is how sweet it is your pain"
O dear Winnie you know so much!
he held me tight with a furry touch
closed my eyes with no tears tonight
opening my gates for the fearless Knight
running away to me like an immigrant with illegal papers.

Friday, April 9, 2010

At first sight...

First beats
at a sudden glimpse
first shivering
with the whole body length
first trembled eyes
trying to hide away
first wondering whys
paving for the doubts a way
first shaking hands
on a tuning around bands
first shy look
first red rose in a book
first bold thoughts
wrapped in the wise madness
first crazy dream
told by two
first chocolate cream
too sweet to be true
rushing steps in linger
first shaking whisper
a heated sigh
an exhausted try
a savage dare
first pushed buttons aware
first meeting of the eye
enchanting a silent cry
first sigh before a phone call
first all night bed roll
untamed anxiety
storming tranquility
on the first date
a wild game of fate
holding hands on the road
no matter how long or odd
there will always be only one first you
and in your heart i shall beat like a worn out beginning.

New waves...

Standing by the sea
Waves are all over me
No more turning over
No more ecstasy
for how much i need you

Sinking in the wet sand
the loud silent is a thunder band
playing in my head
dancing within my soul
roaming all over the thread
destroying it all
like an old Rock and Roll
and the feeling gets classic
cool and dramatic
Grasping this runaway beat
Trying to feel the missing heat
Yet,its burning cold
Nothing much to be told
except that i want you

The savage wind is embracing my fading flame
It is not so different yet it is never lame
Never the same
when that strong i feel you

Expecting your nothing is my way to heal
revealing my everything is way too real
Taking it all in too deep
No more room for you to keep
I pray as i hold you

As empty as it felt
i was heated to melt
your Tide is taking over
My solo lead is now sober
The wet sand is drying
All my Silent cries are dying
Standing in cold feet
held by one runaway beat
The Sea has finally turned over
Only when the lonely wave crawled as flat.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our first anniversary...

"The wine tonight is on the house
and we are playing your favorite Strauss"
a pale smile appeared on her face
nodding to the waiter
silence is a cheater
sinking in one more cup
her lying hopes are again up
may be he was kept in traffic
it cannot be this much tragic!
closed her eyes
on a stubborn thought
he simply forgot
Is it the time for a boycott?
damaged like a betrayed wife
she crashed some visions of her own life
her veins were inflamed
predicted excuses were already proclaimed
the hours kept grieving
as couples were leaving
she looked up to the empty dance floor
rolling her eyes to the slightly opened door
charged with defeat
she barely moved her feet
"we enjoyed your company"
she gave all her money
to the waiter for the bill
crawling back to her shell
grabbed her pride
stepped aside
shivering like a wet bird in a rainy day
pleading for no mercy
proceeded as guilty
The court is set
the waiter left
and turned off the light
dragging herself to the mourning night
she heard playing their favorite song
tears finally came along
as she identified his perfume
holding her from the back
"do you remember this track?"
million candles were lit
the drums in her heart hit
and when their eyes met
his hair was all wet
It was an arranged conspiracy!
the court was just a set
In his arms she threw her bet
"How can i forget?
our first lifetime anniversary!

Black Coffee and a Cigarette...

He holds his cigarette
like a delightful muse
one old time blues
His hidden treasure
guilty with pleasure
of the unforgiven
She dances in its smoke
like a ravishing stroke
calling for life
cuts like a knife
allowed and forbidden
Holding his black coffee
his eyes sparkled as puffy
warm was his touch
he never says much
but she rises in the steam
like an unfolded dream
that kiss away the pains
when reaching his lips
rushing through his veins
tasted in lustful zips
straight to the yearning heart
they will never be apart
both are spreading arms
inviting their magical charms
holding him close
relieving the burdened claws
of the untamed and wild
sometimes he is their child
yet the master of the ride
they rise in his heart and mind
in their shades he is redefined
they revive in his fingers
daring his craving whispers
whenever he lights a cigarette
he sets free the dancing silhouette
and he breathes his life in the rising steam
whenever he holds his favorite cup of black coffee.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My angel...

Reign in my heart
Retrieve my bended dart
just Save my soul
be my Hero and my Killer
Wave to my fall
to clear the way for a winter dweller
Reply to my whole
as an omen of a fortune teller
Prevail in my space
as my universal shelter
Identify with my face
as my tears and laughter
Crave for my call
when nobody is listening
let me be your all
as your everlasting awakening
I have released my breeds
Scattered all my beads
in my hair where you wonder
You drive my wild dreams
Revive in my silent screams
as the creation and the master
I wonder in your myths
As your demon's mistress
For you are my daring angel
and i am your own deciphered enigma.

Lazy Sunday...

That morning was gentle
beginnings are usually subtle
one more lazy Sunday
another life is one day away
I opened the window
saw one shining rainbow
filled my lungs with air
fixing my eyes in a long stare
to the green miles ahead
where is that slice of bread?
I turned on the toaster
tuned in that roller-coaster
I forgot how to breathe the ordinary
and still feel that special
I replaced my natural scenery
with a fake mysterious virtual
detached from my reality
sailing in sinking boats
overwhelmed with this duality
I was eventually cuddling my thoughts
when i heard the whistling kettle
disturbing my world of fiction
riding without a saddle
in this fairytale addiction
I held my cup
the sun is now up
people still rush in the streets
cars pass by,life still beats
I wanted to get in another skin
drawing more faces
running other races
be a Juliette and a Cleopatra
roll in a Tango and in a Salsa
be a stranger to my own self
one that i don't really need to know
I untied my hair
picked an outfit to wear
turning on the radio
inspecting the daily newspaper
marking the ads looking for an ambitious actress
for performing a live audition.


I used to feel your presence
stronger then your essence
you used to be around
shinning with your absence
last time we met
I was laying in your arms restless
trying to be quietly loud
sticking closer
the space gets wider
your eyes were watching me and not
my arms were holding you and tying the knot
my irritated silence ate me
your words were losing me,yet not
"should i set her free..or keep her in..?
let her be..or enjoy this sin..?
keep on the show and flatter the man
let her go and lose one fan..?"
confessed the man in your head
words you never said were heard
I saw your hesitation in a glimpse of your eye
Ironic it is..your eyes can't lie
as i die
It suddenly felt that cold in there
more room for endless despair
your trembling breathe
now came to an ease
my mad scattered tears were everywhere
our flame did freeze
whipping your chest with my face
running on your skin in a feverish race
as much as it sounds strange
you change!
I see another familiar face
one that is relevant to the place
not easy to forget
yet hard to remember
if we have ever met
Now,i can smell your essence
announcing your presence
only when you are there
and yet feeling your absence when you are around.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Catering services...

Adding bits of your aroma
sweetening my recipe
with the taste of your kiss
what did i miss?
is it your laugh?
or your ornamented autograph
tattooed on my left part
as a secret spell to my heart
should i add more of my sparkle?
when you touch my eyes with a whisper
may be i can stir your power
conquering me with just one flower
that i keep in my cooking book
how can i forget that look?
melting in the whipping cream
inviting your rising steam
pouring the syrup of my passion
into your bowl is an intimate mission
turning around on my toes
with your face staring at me
when my mad wind blows
only your squeezing arms save me
it is your favorite
decorating the cake
all my senses shake
I adjusted the oven timer
all i have is one more hour
for getting ready
and they are late already
bringing your bride
I will swallow my pride
and only sign a congratulations card
should not be so hard
as i am definitely certain,
that you will enjoy my wedding cake.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Dear one
It has been so long
I still play that one last song
shuffled in my head
burning in my bed
like a fading candle
missing you is more to handle
than breathing in my own bubble
longing for your tender cuddle
moaning to my scattered sheets
and the dried rose
wondering in the empty streets
why are you that close?
I still keep your broken glasses
and i still go to your morning classes
holding two cups of your favorite coffee
keeping you a place by my side
driving your memories in a long ride
you forgot to take your laundry
I don't know why are they in a box
I even bought you new pair of socks
everything is the same since you left
I even received your latest gift
why do they cry when they see me walk in?
I know you will be back to kiss my chin
and if your car crashed
I will get you another one
I just wonder why you took away the sun?
they told me you went to heaven
I said
he did!
and i got dressed waiting for you
wearing your all times sweater
and sinking in my everlasting solitude.
yours forever

sealed with love and found in the drawer.


Dressed in white linen
enslaved to your prison
of luxury
breads of her wig
are longing nights to dig
in exotic mystery
the touch of her skin
shakes you within
as your own treasury
she is near and far
a ring in your thumb
the beat of your drum
entitles her misery
the sweetness of her lips
embraces your bitterness
in full harmony
she plays on your harp
charming and sharp
is her devoted melody
her eyes dare your spears
when she puts you on and stares
to her triumphant destiny
there on your side
is where she always hide
her trembling extacy
being her pharaoh you can command
but in your heart she is your demand
enchained in her liberty
on her lips you pour more wine
in your lust she is your crown
dipped in her royalty
you crave for her blink
within her arms you sink
drifted by her gravity
the king of the world
releasing his sword
at the gates of her insanity
she bends to touch your feet
when you are burnt within her heat
you admit one reality
no rules are to be made for war
and in between her arms
all your kingdoms submit
begging,for her merciful slavery.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Smart by nature...

smiles and tears
safe in fears
torn by our hopes
free yet tied
released in long ropes
in the battle

we stand to fight
blinded insight
do we really know?
or is it just a reality show?
breeding some cattle

we sink in confusion
freeze in the fusion
asking the impossible
achieving the compatible
trying to settle

acting smart
cheating the heart
time is the enemy
and the beloved
that is the riddle

we say the words
pleasing the lords
but are we pleased?
or may be seized?
seeking fake medals

human greed is the answer
guilty regret is right after
we were born mourning
screaming for another morning
to restart
aren't we smart?
or may be we are just a renovated chart
evaluating from an early stone age.

The Flying note...

"Dear passengers
kindly,fasten your seat belts"
she felt comfortable in her seat
enjoying the clouds retreat
a little girl was crying
the dream bird is flying
she saw him there on the other side
her heart raced in a permanent collide
he was reading a book
so serene was his look
she knew fate made it happen
in her book of life it was written
hostess served him some coffee
she melted in the raising steam
he smiled back enchanting her dream
few words she wrote
enlightened her tiny note
"if it was my fate to meet you
living you is my destiny "
she passed the note in an empty plate
shaking in a desperate wait
as he unfolded her heart in a paper
reading and smiling,he raised his head
looking in the space ahead
their eyes met
as she was bending a bit
pouring all her longing in a simple blink
drowning in his veins like a lustful drink
he raised his cup
she could barely stand up
spreading their hands in the flying lane
how could you be that close yet in vain?
"we would like you all to get back to your seats
as we reached our final destination"
holding his hand in magical persuasion
he lead her to sit closer to him
woven like a delicate shapeless trim
fastening her belt
all that pain she felt
as she glimpsed at his empty seat
and saw a folded tiny paper note.

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