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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another night shift ..

Another night shift
she drew her tiered eyes
with lines of pride
enchanted her poor beauty
like an excited bride
when lights flash
her pain crash
crazy beats
empty seats
people were greeting
the night was heating
she was there lost and found
a worn out waitress
her heart was fearless
yet his essence was always around
she served him his regular
hoping to see his laughter
he gave her this usual nod
giving her all the pain to hold
she swept the table
and one tear rolled
aligning the cups
she heard his coughs
as he lit one more cigarette
and when she handed him the ashtray
one smile finally made her day
when their eyes met
if he only knew how sweet it felt
when he touched her soul
with a silent call
that made her world drift
two lines he said
writing her own tale ahead
when do you finish your shift?
If you don't mind,i would like to walk you home.


Anonymous said...

This poem has a very sweet ending. An enjoyable departure. Some cool beats too. cheers

stairway to heaven said...

i feel that every poem is a step towards more glad you enjoy the trip..cheers Adam..:)

Maha said...

I was smiling from one ear to the other at this one's end. You kept me holding your breath till the end, and what a beautiful ending! Usually, I love gloomy stuff more, but this one is an exception. I absolutely loved the way it is.

stairway to heaven said...

THANK you ya Maha..i love that one in particular brings simple smiles to my face..:)

Anonymous said...

The most beautiful poem.Far cry between you and me, I wish he were here...

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