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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She is from Mars,He is from venus..

loud and silent
she is the impossible
and the fact

mild and malignant
he is the predictable
and the intact

The secrets reveal in her eyes
like the sunshine of dawn
she draw the lines of the day
and fill the night with shooting stars
mighty as the truth and the unknown

The infinite powers redefine in his soul
like the heart of a martyr
he is fearless and driven
following the madness of her illusion
fighting her reality and his confusion
he steps in her space
aiming to rule the place
fighting the history and the future
she steals away his tool of torture
sparkling in his velvet sky
hiding behind the clouds and sigh
doomed to the chase
sacrificing his lifetime mace
he claims his heart to the shooting stars
addressing the court of the galaxy
justice can be a sarcastic bonus
as he is from Mars and she is from Venus.

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