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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Out Of Reach..

Way too far to reach
Way too real to imagine
Feeling u are here and there
Seeing your eyes everywhere
Flying away with wounded wings
Holding my arms
Inviting my strength
Aspiring so deep

Its not about sadness
Its not about madness
You won’t be here to drive me home
You won’t be either pulling my chair
No more why..No more where..

I only breathe
i always stare
I can dream
If i may dare
Beyond our horizon
There is another life
Another you
Another me
Another new born to be

But still it is as far to reach
And yet,Too real to even imagine.


adam said...

Nice work, Abeer. Powerful ending to this one. Cheers :)

Annie said...

Beautiful poetry. I really like the poem about identification. Relate-able dilemma.

mason said...

this one was beyond deep p cant even find the words for it

stairway to heaven said...

to Adam: thank you so much my dear,i m humbled such words coming from a great poet as yourself..:)
To Annie: i m so happy you enjoyed it Annie..the identification issues,took me a hard time to come out but i had to ,it haunted me!

stairway to heaven said...

@mason: thanks mason..i would recommend u to read the "angel and i",cos i was inspired by your footprints pic on your page..:) thanks again my friend..its my pleasure..:)

LarveeK said...

Beautiful....Only one problem...He's way close than u know :-)

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