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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Quizz..

why needing much
of what is never going to be yours
and expect it to even need you?
why feeling such
as running fast yet simply out of course
and claim your fair time to award you?
why asking
when all the answers are not-worth?
and the questions are hard to send?
why healing
when the pain is too friendly
and the wound is too old to worth?
why revealing
what already has been shown
within the tiny veils of the truth
why screaming
when all you get is silence
why dreaming
when all you see is nonsense
why falling
when u can watch your own steps
why calling
when your cries fall down in depth
why hiding
when you are a sunshine bright
why fighting
when your peace is your insight
why you ,why me
why this is all we have to be
left in the dark
with voices to bark
still passing some endless hours
needing what has never been ours
and sinking in this Pandora's box.


Anonymous said...

This poem is both emotional and inventive. I admit to being nervous when I read the title. Since youth, I've not been a fan of taking quizzes lol. Cheers, Abeer

stairway to heaven said...

hahahaa Neither was I Adam! but the contradiction seemed so tempting,i couldn't resist it,,! hahaa but i m glad you liked really drew a smile on my face dear :)cheers back ;)

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