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Monday, March 8, 2010

In my city...

Traffic jam
human spam
too many cars
sparkling stars
full house theatres
emotions massacres
sweet tears of joy
a girl running with a boy
street newspapers sellers
high class fictional dwellers
narrow alleys
smoking valleys
flashes of the past
illuminating tomorrow
nothing ever last
not my happiness
nor your sorrow
days follow
in my city
the sunshine is mine
your smile is my sign
we redefine
with the breeze and the musk
we are the image and the mask
only in my city
the mosques are proud
so are the churches
we melt in the crowd
when our hope emmerges
growing in my city
buildings of sand
and stones
you hold my hand
and shiver my bones
waves of life are high
I learned not to cry
sandy beaches
rocky shores
like a candy bar
like a shooting star
bitter sweet
close and far
alive and dead
an unfinished thread
only in my city
fresh lemonade
unresolved charade
revealed yet mysterious
sarcastically hillarious
showing off like a beautiful lady
wearing the old times make up
is my beloved city
losing battles
winning bets
the world sets
only in my city
morning sailors
night trailers
time is out of control
your fate is my call
we are like my city
unchained and wild
feverish but mild
laughing till teary
fearless and weary
we break the rules
follow the fools
who are innocently in love
only in my city


mason said...

sometimes it just seems to be way more then poetry that you write
because its that deep to me

stairway to heaven said...

thank you is way beyond mere words to rhyme for is a life that i m living to the fullest..:)

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