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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Identification Issues...

I cant be what you want me to be
I can only be me
I cant think in your head
I have my own wings to spread
I cant score your ultimate goal
I have to kick my own Game ball

May be its time for you to accept
What i am is one real fact
They say opposites do attract
Winter never leads to fall

You think you know me
But you don't
You believe you fill me
But you can’t
You don't even know my name
You don't know how to start my flame

You are turning around all the time
I can’t sing this very same rhyme
I cant commit the very old crime
And be a suspect for an anonymous call

My beating is a bit louder
My dream is just wilder
I can be a black rose in your book
But never a recipe for you to cook
I just keep my very own taste
And it’s your last chance to waste

I can be your worst nightmare
And the sweetest dream u can ever share
I can run into your veins
I can heal your wounds
I can kill your pains
But you can never heal mine
When i say that i am just fine

I can see you with me in a frame
If you only knew my name
But still, you can’t think in my head
And you can’t reign in my veins.

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