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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Your Comfort Zone...

I run to you
when everything goes wrong
I come to you
when life does not come along
I pack my load
and fly home
to your arms
where i just feel safe and sound
I pick my road
wherever you may roam
I root my ground
at your feet
bring all my stories around
for you to greet
I take off all my masks
at your stage
manage the impossible tasks
like an enlightened sage
I cry my heart out
when you hold my fears
you dry my tears out
with your tender cheers
I pour my river in your ocean
and i always shiver at your motion
where would i go
if you can't have me ?
what can i draw
if its not your painting ?
Allow me in your darkness tonight
Recruit me to be your bravest knight
Let me be your open arms
Let me hold your load for once
Rest your head on my longing shoulder
Let me be your space and border
Throw me all your frustrated bits
bless me with your desperate hits
run to my heart as a helpless refugee
and announce me once as your comfort zone.


mason said...

once again beautiful like all of your poems,but theirs nothing like some one you can go to when the world spits in your eye for them to be there to wipe it and tell you that it will be okay,
that stands like to deck cards making a tent they cant stand alone but if they learn to lean on each other they hold up.

stairway to heaven said...

thank you mason,its just that there has to be this someone who is always strong and there for you to lean on him all the time but when the time comes and he needs a shoulder to lean on it has to be you his official comfort zone ..:)
this piece is so dear to me. So glad u enjoy my work Mason..:)

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