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Monday, March 22, 2010

A Dream..

I saw you in my dream
perfect,or so you seem
shining like the new born light
smiling like the sunshine bright
and i held the sight
your eyes reached out to me
my arms turned right to be
your home
as you emerged out of my womb
gentle, as your bathing foam
subtle, as your brushing comb
I want to touch your deepest bits
and be the laughter on your lips
I fight myself to keep you in
to be your blessing held within
your steps are fast
running at last
my time is dew
If u only knew
moments are fire
burning my wire
of longing for you
may be its true
we melt
we felt
that thing is in too deep
It is our treasure to keep
endorsed in heaven
where we are driven
you and i can tell
where flying angels dwell
drowned in your eyes
rescued by your kiss
embraced by the bliss
eternal was the wish
one u once made true
when u only knew
I laid my head
on the cold bed
the empty pillow
kept your shadow
I closed my eyes
believed my lies
how can we really tell?
that there is no forever
and i burst in a shiver
only in my dream
your present seemed my everlasting.


Maha said...

I totally love this one.
The thing that makes you differentiate between a true, deep love poem, and another that was just written down recklessly, is the way it touches you, the strength of imagery as it draws endless pictures of sentiment. THis one was really beautiful.

stairway to heaven said...

ahh Maha,i m so hapy with your comments,especially yours cos i m so proud of such young and sensitive human being i see in you.Thank you a ton for your words,as i seek that feeling when i write,i feel my words and i almost live my imagery so it comes out of my heart with all its rawness& when it reaches that strong,i become more motivated to ride my wildest dreams..:)

Mansoor Zia said...

A piece one can ponder for a long time. Loved the last line!

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