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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The lifetime performance..

Too many lights
Million faces and cheers
The stage is set
The crowd is mad
Fireworks are lit
Intro music hit
Anxious silence
Moments of renaissance
Back stage mess
searching for a missing dress
They call your name
and you run spreading your arms
to hold the time still
reserve it as a paid bill
that you spent your life to redeem
is it all just a dream?
Introduced to your fate
the music extracts you from your thought
you shake some hands
blow up some kisses in the air
it is so unfair
for all this magic to fade
the enchanting serenade
they crawl to touch your feet
you glow your smile with words of greet
Time stands still
for a moment in your head
you close your eyes
on a moaning fit
this must be it
the bottom of the peak
with words of love
you began to speak
It will be over someday
Memories can be sad
Addicted to you can be as bad
but what you might not realize
is that your journey has started
with a Rolling dais
and that legends survive
the mistakes of history
so when it is all done
and you have nowhere to run
i will be there to hold your hand
and make you understand
that for us
It has just begun
As the performance of a lifetime.

This one is for all the stars that sparkle in our lives and fear the darkness of their own. As hard as you tried to draw some smiles on our faces..we will twinkle
your space with our share of unconditional love.

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