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Friday, March 5, 2010

The butterflies of my mind..

The night landed on my sunset
like a late flight of bets
attended by doubts
fueled with dreams
your heart
where i belong
as the shuffled song
i am repeated
victorious and defeated
you pour my wine
as i edit your line
sharing the moonlight dance
and the hymns of my sunshine
like a magical spell
on the seals of our hearts
the sun went down
the moon came around
i ran to my papers
where are the thoughts?
the butterflies of my mind
I rewind
so colorful and innocent
yet they are distant
reaching out to the light
that shines at your sight
when you rise in my heart
you decipher the seal
encode the real
you manage the possibility
of the impossible in me
you set me free
like a daring butterfly
you make me fly
so let me be your wing
your thing
your glass of wine
your poem's last line
let me be your absolute failure
and your desired success
lead me out of the mess
be my favorite dress
My skin
be my blessing
Be my sin
let me dare be your butterfly
and be my everlasting Sunshine.

1 comment:

divyanshu said...

this is your best work till now...i am amazed...looks like you will generate my interest in poetry...

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