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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Curse..

Reveal all my secrets
Invade my existence
live in my dreams
where i can be myself

greet all my outfits
crush my resistance
melt in my steams
where you can only be yourself

I will dance in your fairytale
run away when its midnight
your air i would inhale
fading in me is what i fight

I will pray in your words
burning up my candles
I will lay for your swords
too noble to handle

I won't look for your face
in the crowd
I won't listen to your silence
when its loud
I can be your angel
and your demon
I can be your whole
and your nothing at all

hold on to my soul
break through my wall
I m cursed with my spells
jingling more bells
for my wind to blow
for my god to show

fly me away
like the kite of a kid
carve me a way
in the path of your head
read me with your heart
for i am beating there
blessed in my hell
with the curse of your spell
as my eternal stairway to heaven.


nono_82 said...

really thank you to shear this poems with us really your words is very simple and mean a lot of things

stairway to heaven said...

so glad you like it nono..:) its my pleasure..:)

Mohib Ahmad said...

I must say, this poem would fit Bella's misery pretty well in the second book of Twilight saga, "New Moon" when Edward Cullen leaves her.

stairway to heaven said...

thank u Mohib,i ll certainly read the book..if i reached her that close,its really overwhelming!

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