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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Cloud Rider...

I need to hide in my arms
it has been a while
die in one tight grip
reborn in your intimate space
all set up for a race
as a mad cloud rider
run within your veins
revived to ease your pains
i would escape to you
from me
to me
in me is you
the fake and true
out of the blue
I am your calling thunder
the moon is barking
my soul is sparking
naked words of virtue
are nothing but words
there is no right or wrong
no fight is as strong
not a whisper,not a song
no night is as quiet
yet the silence is louder
when i get to ride my cloud
in your unlimited takes
releasing my breaks
for a maximum speed
may be this is what i need
surfing around your solar system
in a metaphysical order
carrying my dreams around
to hide in your arms
for a lifetime resurrection.

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Mansoor Zia said...

The Cloud really Rides!

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