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Friday, March 26, 2010

On the Wire..

She's getting into the fire
Walking bare feet on the wire
Not looking down
Took off her gown
like the soul of dawn
like the melted stone

Walking to her freedom
Imprisoning her fears
Whipping away the tears
She is breathing again
Even within the pain

Another day is born
A rose with one thorn
Wild and raw
Yes and no
Confused to the bone
Enjoying the unknown

Feeling the wire on top of the fire
Releasing her last tempting desire
Closer and far
She saw her falling star

Enchanted by the warming night
The wind held her tight
She opened her arms wide
Reaching to the other side

Balanced with grace
She finally won the race
Demons were crawling back
Angels just called her back
But she was driven

Filled with hope and madness
Chased by joy and sadness
She kept walking on the wire
Falling to the tongues of fire
Burning to the bone
Lonely but not alone

She’s cursed with her fate
Still it’s never too late
smiled and turns around
Her new path she just found
Let go of the wire
Embracing the healing firetrap.


Maha said...

That was truly powerful. The strength of the pain, but also the persistence to get over it and let go. when life has shown you so mush misery you no longer care for anything and just keep moving forward, that's what your poem made me feel. I hope i didnt get it wrong.

stairway to heaven said...

you are absolutely right Maha! after feeling it ,Pain becomes merely a word,that your own will can pass by in order to move on and only then you can let go :) i m just amazed you got it well dear ! what a writer you will be one day! :)

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