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Saturday, March 6, 2010

On the pottery wheel ..

I invited your face
to my mind reception
where my thoughts were flashing
like the beams of light
where the memories were crashing
visions of the endless night
inhaling your aroma
exhaling my forbidden scent
the awareness was drunk
like the sinful monk
at the sight of your face

The cups were filled
trays were roaming
between the reason
and the madness
the dancing hope
performed with the despair
on the melodies of the doubt
and i shout
your eyes took me
places i thought were through
dipped in your tears
i painted my fears
with colors of your desire
in the lines of your features
the host
became the guest and the audience
stunned at the silence arrival
where are you
when my thoughts are calling?
why are you
the only guest they address?
when i confess
you fill the void your absence make
you settle the rivals your presence shake
i am your all
your rise is my fall
the spell that they can never break
cheers of lust
revived the dust
spinning in the ultimate dance
with your trembling skin
my shivering spine
I redefine
my hands embrace
your tiny details
i touch your face
engrave my nails
as i started to feel
the sculpture i made
turning around in circles
within my pottery wheel.

there is always one face to greet in our minds,to locate in the void of the crowd and to feel identified with even if executed from our own existence. we can sculpt it with some clay or we may engrave it in our hearts with the beats of life.

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