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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Caught in the Storm..

Even the sky was crying
drops of rain purified me
I held on tight to the black coat
and the red scarf
what can be enough ?
your presence
or my absence
I closed my eyes to embrace my wish
when thunder screamed with anguish
I tasted the first drop of rain
wished the healing of this pain
salty and warm
like my tears
thrown away by the storm
I ran to my fears
roamed in the wet streets
watching people rushing to their shelters
holding their lives and some paper sheets
all the steps lead to your place
where we would lay by that old fireplace
covered with our dreams
talking and laughing
that odd it now seems
I started running away
from you to your memories
from me and my theories
people's faces
were tracking my trembling thought
when i dropped my coat
as your face appeared
like the sunshine of the past
picking my coat for me
reciting the prayers of forgivness
blinking with the broken promises
frightened to believe
i tried to leave
but your hands held mine
the moment seemed divine
The nature screams became quiet
we were the infinite black and white
only in your arms i resign
defeated and reborn
yin and yang
our lollibuy is sang
i may not be your Right
but you are to me
All that is Left.

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