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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Behind the Camera...

The camera rolled on
his world fades to none
she adjusted the frame
million beasts to tame
tracing his sparkling eyes
trying to act as wise
she crawled in her skin
when he spoke his lines
he drew her daring signs
her veins burst with lust
when he stepped closer within the shot
he ran away of his spot
following the sequence of the scene
she held the camera moving along
reading his face replaying the song
she captured one tear burning his cheek
and a frightened smile in a desperate seek
detached of his existence
he was reborn in her frame
identified with her resistance
she had to freeze that burning flame
stepping back as he came closer
her heart was racing,his beat was a loner
when he finally turned around
even silence had a sound
two clapping hands revived the dead
nothing more to be said
followed by the cheering crowd
they were all amazed and proud
standing afar
watching her star
she started to rewind the film roll
holding him into her frame
editing the titles and his name
waiting for one more order
her breathing was somehow louder
crowned in her throne of solitude
wearing her own mask of attitude
she finally screamed "cut!".


nono_82 said...

oh, so nice so cute beautiful

LarvK said...

"... She finally screamed cut!" because she had captured his everlasting essence on frame :) Beautiful Abeer i love it ~

stairway to heaven said...

thank you means a lot to me..:)

stairway to heaven said...

AHHHH dear larvy,you know how it feels to finally scream cut! when this essence is all over the frame.. so thanking you sweety..:)

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