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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our painting..

The colors were shy
to come out of my palette
how can i paint
the warrior and the saint?
how can i create
the lines of my ultimate fate?
how can i detail
what is in my heart engraved?
I started daring on the white sheet
brushing my red with your black
rubbing your green in a sudden attack
lines of shades
sharping blades
The impossible is happening
when we unite in a painting
dipping my soul in your surface
like a sacred lateny
rising in your climax
as my everlasting identity
surfing in my madness
on the sheet of illusion
you settle my confusion
as i color your white
with my intimate blue
inventing the sky
where we both can fly
tainted my lips
with your lusting dips
enchanting my brush
holding your face
as my sinful grace
signing my painting
with two letters
and one more wish

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