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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Tiny little bird..

The tiny little bird was here
on the side of my window
clapping his wings
i was shelving my things
when he whistled me a song
"nothing can go wrong
now that you have me
with you i will always be
your shinning smile
should be your tile
embrace your heart
for you i will start
another new melody"
words crawled in my head
soon you will fly away
i said to the bird
"if only i could stay
i would.."
I touched his head
he caressed my hand
his eyes were making
the returning promise
my eyes were staring
to the runaway bliss
he spread his wings
and crossed my face
as i opened my window
to the morning rays
repeating the song he just said
i waved to the tiny little bird
who printed his colors on my face
released my fears
re-shelved my tears
along with the song
and the other things.


LarveeK said...

The tiny little bird has just engulfed you in it's wings...How sweet and how caring it is...Remember that feeling and you will never feel alone again...This tiny bird this angel...he's in both our souls, loving us unknowingly just love and never look back~ :))

stairway to heaven said...

this tiny little bird has carved his smile on my face now..hard to erase it for it is his everlasting soul into mine..:) thank you larvee..:)

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