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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Even in her mind
she could not hurt him
the cruel words begged
not to be thrown at him
even the words love him
how come he doesn't feel the words..?
the brave knight dies holding his sword
but he just doesn't read the words
knowing so much is the curse
feeling too much is even worse
the freezing crystalised smile
is all whats left
and all that is worth
may be little concerned
but nothing to worry about
only a dying soul in a shroud
the fairy broke her wings
yet she could still sings
no never..!
may be just a little
Even you wont solve this endless riddle
she is here and there
and you are everywhere
together and far
the fate of the bravest knight
and his shooting star.


Maha said...

always in your poems I sense so much pain. Your heroines are always broken-hearted and defeated, yet they can never find it in their hearts to hate whom they once absolutely adored. They are waiting for the beloved to confess and apologize so they can forgive. they are always hiding their pain under a rigid mask, afraid it would float on the surface, but it burns them and only them. Yes, love can truly hurt.

stairway to heaven said...

your insight amaze me ! true..i believe in this absolute love that can only live never dies even with pain. for the true unconditional feeling is never about only happiness,it is about its existence that is its power that revives the lovers. wait to read my coming post..u ll get me more :)

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