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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In your wardrobe..

I would hide in your closet
and be your most favorite shirt
I would ride in your wildest dreams
and be your uncensored part
I would reside in your fairytale castle
and be your skin cloak of hurt
shinning in your mirror
as a reflection identity
the clear shot and the blurt
I would turn into words
to touch your lips
I would stretch as your guitar cords
to hold your fingers tips
I would be the lonesome tunes
rhyming out of your heart
I would end up
where your line would start
I would be your blessing
and your unforgiven sin
mix my scents with your aroma
and drip as your exotic perfume
I would weave my longing cells
to adorn your stainless bed sheet
would grind myself into your sleeping pills
to run in your veins as a lifetime treat
I would lay myself as your Chinese brush
to sink in the warm darkness of your hair
I would fade in your morning blush
I would be your truth to dare
obvious and abstract
used and intact
only if you allow me
to reincarnate my being
as your personal wardrobe.


LarveeK said...

Wow...Abeer can you be my wardrobe ..pretty please ? Love it honey :)

stairway to heaven said...

thank you is just one that worn me out and i still feel like warm in a scented wardrobe..:)

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