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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dinner plans..

what can i do..
when i miss you the way i do?
Ironed all your shirts
rearranged all your books
oh how i miss these looks!
may be you ll be home late
prepared your favorite plate
added some music to the room
and a red rose on the bed
after all that has been said
i picked the purple dress
my hair is in a total mess
but you always liked it that way
why are you so away?
wore your scent as my perfume
many excuses i tried to assume
lit all my candles
put on my silver sandals
All set for a perfect Tango
on a moonlight floor
starring at the door
time pass
it is after midnight
tears were stuck
as i swallowed my pride
like a newly wedded bride
i took off the dress
and rearranged my hair
it is just not fair
what if we had a fight
it should've been alright
I blew off my candle
A lot more ahead to handle
crawled naked to your side of the bed
what more could have been said..
you meant it when you left
as when i turned to the right
your keys were right there
on my side of the bed.

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