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Monday, March 15, 2010

My secret..

They think i am arrogant
when they first see me
may be because i m silent
embedded in my cave
what do i have to save?
i wonder

they say i am passionate
sometimes if they feel me
may be because i m violent
when it comes to being brave
i just ride my pride wave
and release my thunder

what do they know
only what i show
is what they can predict
yet they still attempt
to crawl beneath my skin
read my future and what has been
and i laugh
reading their graph
scraps on my soul
they think they know it all
i am just a sculpture
touched by the years
colored with cheers
restless and still
madness is my quill
i tried to dance on their time
rehearse the steps to follow the rhyme
but i ended up doing my own
inventing my lines on your tone
only you can define me
as your burning fire
restricted desire
your justified halluscination
for this logical discrimination
of being my only secret
that is worth universal revelation.


Anonymous said...

This poem has an incredible ending. Awesome

stairway to heaven said...

thank you so much Adam,you are the Expert my dear ..:)

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