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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Old wooden swing...

He held her hand so tight
She used to bowl so right
back in the old days..
Once he held her up so high
to touch the magical sky
she was the queen of the king
on the old wooden swing
he raised her far to Mars
she nearly touched the shooting stars
but barely saw a thing
on the old wooden swing
he promised to heal the pain
when her ball just missed the lane
and he scored a strike
aren't they all alike..?
colored balls
with different numbers
scattered souls
in bowling halls
two fairytale heros in the back yard
screaming loud,laughing hard
who is still seeking wonders ?
the more they say,the less they do
but we pretend we already knew
what could it be?
the whole truth is there to see
on the old wooden swing
memory is just a stranger
that lived here no longer
the old wooden swing is still there
flying high with an empty chair
she looked back to the sky
no more tears are rushing by
standing still in the old back yard
holding the echoes of the years award
The stars are still shining as bright
may be she didn't bowl so right
but she just tamed the pain
creating a whole new bowling lane
crashing into her life with a full strike.

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