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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My wind...

My wind is mad
breaking the bones
strengthening the stones
It is the evil and the angel
the possible
uprooting the impossible
It is you in me
the unknown and the predictable
My wind is eternal
It starts in my womb
as a breath of creation
My roses barely bloom
for my winter
is a bit wilder
ragging with snow
natural and raw
reviving my imagination
My wind is fearless
and brings out pain
your loss and my gain
we all miss the train
and i strike
My wind is angry
cold and warm
turning into a ravaging storm
blessed and cursed
with my own blast
flying to my ultimate space
silence plays a louder base
and i hide
how much i tried
to run
and burn in my own created sun
breathe by your ragging sea
when you never see me
as i blow my wind away
inviting all my forces
to settle as your gentle breeze.


Anonymous said...

literally an emotional wind. Kind of a sad feeling the poem prompts when the wind finally settles. Strong lyrics, as usual.

stairway to heaven said...

thanks Adam..actually that was intended,that at the peak of this wind it settles for being a gentle breeze in the universal motion of her emotions..:)

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