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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just Dont..

Don’t believe my harmful words
Don’t receive my painful swords
Don’t reach out to the saint of sins
Don’t hold on to the savior rains
Don’t take part in a losing battle
Don’t believe my soul can settle

My heart is a flying bird
My whisper can never be heard
Endless nights are my fate
No room for love
No more for hate

Life is a banquet
But am i invited?
Don’t get closer to the burning fire
Don’t follow the crazy dream
Fate is a big promising liar
May be less adequate
For the life banquet

Don’t try to catch the falling star
Close your eyes and stay where you are
Don’t reach out your hands to dry off my tears
Don’t hold my heart to beat up my restless fears

Don’t go on for a broken arrow
Don’t roam in the land of sorrow
Don’t try to heal
Don’t try to deal
There is only a vague figure
Walking in the steps of a shadow.

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