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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A walk...

I felt i needed a walk
myself and i had to talk
It has been quite sometime
so i parked the car
I needed to go that far
to hold you in that close
and melt in the petals of your rose
Inhaling your fragrance in the morning breeze
explaining your absence to the waving trees
and when the birds ask me
I say that you are within me
even when you fly away
and when you always have to go
In my heart is where you show
you rise on me with a sunshine ray
lifting my soul to where you are
even if i have to go that far
I told the bees and the butterflies
that i don't even doubt your allebies
for may be you just can't always be around
still in my ears you are all that sound
My feet took me to where you work
My heart was jumping
How much exciting
I saw you coming down the stairs
holding her hand ,touching her hair
I had to hide behind that tree
I felt the rose was holding me
so it wasn't really an emergency flight
and i wasn't your everlasting moonlight
I ran away chasing my tears
avoiding a slap from my fears
dropping the rose
you are still that close
got in my car
the world finally seemed just as far
as i started the engine for a long drive home.


Maha said...

How hard it is to devote yourself to someone, give to him every inch of your heart and get nothing in return but infidelity. I loved your personifications that imply tenderness to your poem. Very beautiful.
Sorry for not being around lately to comment on your poems, I happened to be real busy and I'll catch up now insha' Allah.

stairway to heaven said...

thank you so much Maha,and yes i missed you reading and commenting,i really appreciate your very thoughtful ones :)infidelity is the sharpest stab that can leave an eternal scar in the soul..hope you never have to face it dear one :)

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