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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Live stream...

She woke up early
stepped blinded to the shower
recalling all the moments of that dream
living its location in the heated steam
why is it just in my mind?
and she simply had to rewind
playing the whole wild night stream
pausing her thoughts on his thunderous hug
carrying his warmth to her favorite coffee mug
enchanted by her own recorded memories
she opened that window inhaling his breeze
dipped into his shinning sun rays
forwarding the time to get out of her maze
what is he doing in my shower?
even in the mirror
and in that intimate drawer
flying with the morning butterflies
she held her books and all her whys
jumping down the stairs
like a little kid enjoying the fares
she was driven to her mind fantasy
synchronizing her life for his melody
when she stumbled in the last broken step
the books were flying like flashing bits
the dream was fading when her pain hits
and when she managed to finally stand up
she heard the noise of the near by shop
melting in the morning crowd
her moaning silence seemed so loud
why did the stream had to stop?
why did i ever wake up?
holding her books along with these whys
she closed her eyes again,taking her seat in the bus.


Maha said...

I hate this feeling of waking up from a dream that i wished would last forever.

stairway to heaven said...

Me Too..:)

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