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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Dancing break..

"It is time for a break.."
I told myself with a head shake
Stretched my back
turned on this track
with your voice tingling my ears
a wave of tenderness giggled my tears
the lyrics were sweet
the melody is a treat
which made me step off my chair
swinging in the fulfilled air
touched with the ringing beat
bewitched with your increasing heat
I leaned on my shoulder
my eyes rolled bolder
turned around in circles
taken to your land of wonder
spread my arms in sudden move
creating in your space a groove
kept waving my hands
reaching to the loudest bangs
drops of sweat covered my face
bare feet dancing in a tighter pace
bouncing with lust in your voice
moaning like a victim with no choice
revealed desire
increasing the fire
flying my dreams to be dropped
when the music simply stopped
i landed on my silence
sliced like a shred
staring at you smiling
in a wooden frame by my bed.

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