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Friday, March 5, 2010


I tried crying
with shed less tears
I tried flying
with two broken wings

I tried dying
with breathing fears
I tried waiting
till the sad lady sings

I tried drinking
the syrup of cheers
I tried thinking
of what tomorrow brings

I tried writing
for hiding whats clear
I tried fighting
only with many broken things

I tried painting
what is detailed and mere
I tried hiding
within a dress and two missing rings

I tried erasing
the ancient traces of the deer
I tried creating
another sanctuary for new beginnings

I tried resisting
adjusting to the healthier atmosphere
I tried insisting
on doing all the right things

When finally i realized
that my chaos is organized
only within your system
my entity is immortalized
as your judge and your victim
that my barbaric emotions are more civilized
when inhabiting your kingdom
Then i had to surrender
to the logical sounds of madness
and protest for my own legal rights.


divyanshu said...

its tragic that such writings does not get what they deserve..hope that abeer will get due respect to her wishes...tell me if i can do anything...

stairway to heaven said...

you just did dv..thank you so much for your amazing support..:)

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