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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Answer...

I am the nothing
Of everything
The nonsense
That makes all the sense
The limit
Of the extreme
The biggest loss
You cannot redeem
The white
When all you can see is blue
The fair fight
Between the fake and the true
A melody without rhymes
In a broken winning record
A memory of sweet old times
That is only kept for the record
Unpolished fragment
Of a runaway masterpiece
Unfinished segment
Between the master and the piece..
A colorful future
Of an uncolored past
The sea is my lord
My heart is my sword
Born in my legend
Reaching out for a hero
With two open arms
And a beating heart
May be rushing to end
The endless charade
Without a start..
I might be an answer
To a question,
That has never been asked.

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