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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The perfect crime...

Arrest me
In your arms forever
Lock me
In your highest tower
with my forbidden desire
as your burning fire
Breathe me
as your secret of joy
Break me
like a brad new toy
Treat me
with a touch of your heart
Grant me
with a promise of a start
Reveal me
as your myth of adoration
Pour me
in the vessel of your abulation
Hold me
like a dying bird in your hand
read me
so that i can finally understand
that there are no more words to write
no more Wrongs
no more Rights
There is only you and me
as the doubt and the absolute
the truth and the lie
the answer that is deaf
to the question that is mute
Make me
the bride of your solitude
Curse me
as the electrical magnitude
That is entitled to turn
in its redundant cycles of hope
Destroy my shell
To tame my soul
sentence me to your hell
if you can listen to my call
Embrace me
as the mistress of time
that has finally celebrated
The virtue of the perfect crime.


Emaan Khan said...

This was beautiful!! =D

More power to you!!

Emaan Khan

stairway to heaven said...

Thank YOU EMAAN i m so glad you liked it,you are a beautiful writer yourself..:)

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