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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Typing noise..

It was in the morning
when she restarted her system
The background reloaded the scene
how long has it been?
the key letters rushed to the screen
while the curtains were waving
to the celebrated farewell
The plain sheets were craving
for more mistakes to spell
tempted to recite her speech
she spread her wings for the words to reach
flew in the crowded space of her mind
knew her theme was just as blind
as the ragging memories
and the fading theories
The words dance on the digital floor
she took a deep breath
what more to confess.. ?
It was suppose to be an editorial
turned out to be a nagging memorial
ticking like a clock
breaking the prevailing silence
she signed the letter with her initials
sealed it with a longing kiss
losing to the king of chess
It was never over
now that she's sober
the rising dawn was her witness
his strength as her weakness
interrupting the saving button
attempted to press the delete
she decided to retreat
making the loudest possible,
typing noise.

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