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Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Footprints...(My Angel and I )

Walking on the cold sand
roses of hope in my hand
tracing the footsteps of an angel
that carried me to the light
that lifted me up
when i almost fell
took me to heaven
landed me in hell
what can i tell
He is the moon and the sun
He is everywhere i run
the cold sea breeze tickles me
as my feet bathe in the wet sand
reaching out the rose
for the waves to carry
kissing the wind in a hurry
driven to the night all wet
dipped in the sacred scent
of the alluring sunset
now it is your time
to adjust the rhyme
of the broken melody
when you walk with me
and hold my hand
on the cold sand
my angel and I
carving our footprints
on the path of the possible
enchanted by the fairies
received by the stars
in the kingdom of the night
we are the illusion and the insight
my angel and I
are the obvious and the hints
leaving to the world
only our love and some footprints.

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