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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Candy bar..

She rushed into the crowd
screaming her silence loud
calling his name
it wasn't about fame
she felt allowed
to call him her own
may be unknown
but certainly a claim
of obsession
he appeared there smiling
waving and styling
took off his glasses
his eyes ran into hers
as he came down the stairs
heading towards her spot
could it be the plot
of fate?
too late
he stepped among the fool
shaking hands
as the music bangs
the world kept falling apart
like a drum were beats of her heart
slipped out of her space
to his eyes she won the race
raised her hand in a weak attempt
she felt revealed yet condemned
closer they became
fading the rays of fame
he picked her hand
addressed the band
to play the tango of the night
on her toes
her passion glows
like a princess
reviving in a fairytale
tears were on sale
refilled her loneliness
with a few steps
right in his arms
embracing his charms
melted with milk and honey
mixed with sugary cream
moments captured in some dream
like flavored caramel
dipped in a candy bar
she became a falling star
when the cameras were flashing
the pair that was crashing
that was not my dress?
did i missed his kiss?
she was still holding her purse
raising her shaking hand
as the fool spread
where he stepped ahead
to get into his ride
the world was once aside
life turned off the light
the road took away the knight
all what was left
was a bitter sweet flavor
of a caramel candy bar.

Every super star shakes the hearts of millions but sometimes his bitter sweet candy bar can make their life flavored with hope as they will wrap his with everlasting chocolate layers of passion.


divyanshu said...

i can imagine abeer and SRK in the whole poem....wonderfully written...and every time i read your poem..i m used to writing that it is your best work so far...

stairway to heaven said...

THANK YOU Div..the best is YET TO COME..:)

stairway to heaven said...

I had to add that beautiful video here and thank the amazing creators of it,my superhero who is my lifetime muse and my friend who engineered it. felt shivers along my body watching it ans reading my words dancing on the beautiful tune..:)

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